MetCon START is my new pre-workout-calorie-free supplement so I can continue to run in a fasted state. © Andrea Heser 2020

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With so many topics being controversial lately, I would have never guessed that running in a fasted state would be. “GASP! You mean to tell me you DON’T eat anything prior to your runs??” Nope. I don’t. Then I get the lecture. “Well, you NEED to eat SOMETHING before a workout!!” It’s all good. I’m used to it. Running is such an individual thing that we must do what is best for us, what’s best for our own bodies. So I take these comments in stride—pun intended. Typically, I do well running while fasted. My last meal happens around 7pm the night before and my run starts around 6am the next day. It’s not like I’m running on empty or even fasting for that long. But once summer hit, something was off in my body. I felt sluggish during my runs. As a Bib Rave Creator, I had the opportunity to test out MetCon START. It’s a pre-workout supplement that is zero calories, full of electrolytes and vitamins. Also, it wouldn’t break my fast. This was key for me and the #1 reason I tested this product.

I’m pleased to say that MetCon START is the pre-workout supplement I never knew I needed. It’s been my go-to supplement for all of my speed session runs and I really like it. It’s interesting because I used to think I didn’t need to consume anything prior to a run. Now I know how my body feels when I take START. I’m definitely stronger out there.

MetCon START dissolves instantly and goes down so smooth that you’ll never guess it’s from powder. © Andrea Heser 2020

Here are my favorite things about MetCon START:
✅ It dissolves quickly, like almost instantly. That’s cool. No gritty texture, no waiting around for it to dissolve. When I say it dissolves quickly, I mean it. It’s crazy. See my video for proof.
✅ My tummy feels totally fine immediately after I drink it and forever afterwards. START doesn’t give me any stomach aches and I love that. This is another reason why I’m hesitant about consuming food prior to a run. I don’t want to get tummy aches and then search for a bathroom, run home or have an accident.
✅ It makes my body tingle. It’s weird and caught me totally off guard. I felt like a race horse chomping at the bit. Even after a month of taking MetCon START prior to my speed runs, I still get the tingle. I read that it could be from the caffeine or the K2 vitamin.
✅ Speaking of caffeine, there is 200mg per serving. That’s about the same amount in 16oz of coffee.
✅ It does give me the extra push. Still, I listen to my body but I am able to push more since taking MetCon START.
✅ The flavor is mild and the stevia in it isn’t overwhelming sweet. They say the flavor is fruit punch, but I taste lots of citrus. Also, once mixed in water, MetCon START resembles the look of lemonade.
✅ I love that it’s all natural and has zero calories. This is HUGE! This was the selling point for me. I did not want to consume calories and MetCon START fits the bill.

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Let me know your thoughts and I’m especially curious if you are fasted runner like me and also trying MetCon START.

Simply add one scoop of MetCon START to 12oz of water and then go RUN! © Andrea Heser 2020