Disclaimer: I received an ROADiD Sidekick & Kids iD to review as part of being a BibRave Pro. Learn more about becoming a BibRave Pro (ambassador), and check out BibRave.com to review, find, and write race reviews.


According to a 2016 Runner’s World Magazine survey, 56% of American runners prefer to run alone. I’m one of them. It’s not that I don’t like the company — cause I really do! — it’s just easier for me to run alone. I get out of bed, don’t have to drive anywhere, then quickly get back home in time to get my son ready for school and myself ready for work. But running alone has its downfalls, like what if I were to actually fall? If a runner falls while on the run and no one sees it, did it really happen? Um, yeah it really happens and it’s a scary thought. This is why I opted-in as a BibRave Pro to test out the ROADiD Sidekick iD for my Garmin feñix 5S.

Here are my top 5 reasons why you should wear a ROADiD.

1️⃣ ID that’s always on you:

This is a biggie for me. I run with a hydration vest because I love to carry all of my gear with me: phone, sunscreen, whistle, water, fuel, keys, a small hand towel but one thing I rarely ever carry is my identification. IDK exactly why I don’t carry my iD with me but once I started writing this blog post, I figured it out. I don’t like digging into my wallet before each run to pull it out then remember to put it back when I get back. Hence the ease of the Sidekick iD. Since I wear my Garmin watch daily, it’s a no brainer to have a Sidekick iD. My iD is always with me.

2️⃣ Contact info that is easily visible:

I position my ROADiD on the interior of my wrist. That serves two purposes: 1. it’s easily visible to a bystander or EMT or another runner. I had fellow runner ask me about because they noticed it! There is 6 lines of copy you can include on your ROADiD Sidekick iD. That was enough space for me to include my name, year of birth, the city I currently live in, two contact names and phone numbers and my personal mantra. 2. Easily visible to myself so I can read my mantra.

3️⃣ My mantra is always with me:

(^‿^) FIND JOY ALWAYS. this is my mantra and it’s not even running related. Sometimes I forget it (I have WAY too much on my mind) and I know having a visual reminder is best for a visual person like myself. The cool thing about the ROADiD Sidekick iD is that you have 6 lines of copy space. Since I don’t have any medical information to include on my iD, I thought this would be the perfect opportunity to write out a mantra. I was happy to know that ROADiD was able to include my kawaii emoji face too!

The Sidekick iD comes with two bungee attachments, so alternate them if one gets too sweaty or wet from a workout or daily life.The Sidekick iD comes with two bungee attachments, so alternate them if one gets too sweaty or wet from a workout or daily life.

The Sidekick iD comes with two bungee attachments, so alternate them if one gets too sweaty or wet from a workout or daily life.

4️⃣ It looks good with my Garmin:

I love it when accessories match. One of the biggest reasons I even opted-in for the ROADiD Sidekick iD is purely a vain one, they had a rose gold option. I’m obsessed with my Garmin feñix 5S. It’s an expensive watch. I rarely ever take it off because it’s so much more than just a running watch, it’s a fashion statement too. So, in order for me to add ANYTHING to my watch, it had to match. I’m pleased that the rose gold Sidekick iD rose gold tones match very well to the Garmin rose gold tones. It’s very pretty. One missed opportunity though is that I wish ROADiD could make the Sidekick for the Garmin and Fitbit to fit more like how it fits on the Apple watch. IE: no bungee adapter. The bungee adds extra bulk. Also, I noticed that the bungee would get soaking wet if I washed my hands too vigorously or during a major sweat sesh run. I recommend alternating between the 2 bungees you get with your Sidekick iD. This ensures that one can dry out while the other holds your id to your wrist.


5️⃣ Excellent for kids:

I was lucky enough to also test out the Kids iD. I got the Sandcastle color for my son. There was enough room for 5 lines of type which I was able to include his name, year of birth, two contact phone numbers and names and his own personal mantra: Be Awesome Today. He loved it so much that he thought his younger cousin would also like one. I purchased her the same colored band with her own emergency contact info and kept the same mantra. It’s hard for kids to remember phone numbers and not kids carry their own cell phone around. I like how easy it is for a child to point to their Kids iD when alerting an adult on how to reach their emergency contacts.

Get one for yourself

I only opt-in for products that I feel I have a strong connection to, that I believe in and that I trust. I really love ROADiD products. They impressed me with their quality and excellent communication throughout the entire purchasing process. If you’d like to purchase one for yourself, please follow this link for 20% off: https://road.id/BibRave.