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If you’ve been following my blogs you’d notice that I’m a big fan of Knockaround sunglasses (see my previous blog posts below.) Their sunnies are the best. Why? They are made well, pretty much all frames cost under $30 and their styles are cute as all heck. When BibRave asked the pros a month ago who wants to opt-in to test a Run-pair and Fun-pair of Knockaround I jumped up and down for the opportunity. But before you get all confused about what is considered a Run-pair and what is a Fun-pair, I’ll let you in on a little secret. ALL of their sunglasses are suitable for Run or for Fun! Yeah, even their Mile High aviators. This is exactly why I wanted to test out their Mile High’s during my running activities. I wanted to really put their metal frames to the test when it comes to being active. And their Mile Highs did not let me down.

Mile High Aviators are Tough and Stylish

When you think of aviator sunglasses do you think military? Top Gun? Badassness? Trendy? Maybe you don’t think running. I love the style of aviators because of their military background and I wanted to feel and look badass when running. Also, I like how typical aviator lenses are HUGE so that means major sun blockage. According to Wikipedia, aviators are characterised by dark, often reflective lenses having an area two or three times of area of the eyeball, and have very thin metal frames with a double or triple bridge. They say the design attempts to cover the entire range of the human eye to prevent as much light as possible from entering the eye from any angle. This is probably why pilots wear them. So why can’t a runner wear them? Knockaround’s version of the aviator is the Mile High or the Mount Evans. I opted in to test the Mile High in Rose Gold and Copper. Here are some Mile High specs:

Here are some key features:

  • Rose gold metal frame

  • Tortoise shell rubber detailing

  • Polarized copper lenses

  • Full UV400 protection

  • FDA approved impact resistant lenses

  • Lens Width: 58 mm

  • Lens Height: 54 mm

  • Nose Bridge: 21 mm

  • Arm Length: 132 mm

  • $30

  • Mile High’s come in 8 other colors too!


Durable, Cute & Willing to Go the Distance

The Knockaround website doesn’t exactly say the Mile Highs are ment for running. Still, I knew these would be my Run-pair to test. Typically, I never see any runners wear metal framed glasses while running and I wasn’t sure why. For the past month, I wore my Mile Highs during most training runs and during one 4th of July 4 mile race. During every run they stayed on my face, never bounced, completely blocked the sun, made me look 100% like a badass. And then, while wearing them during the 4th of July 4 miler race with Arizona Road Racers, I PR’ed the course! The last time I ran the course this fast was in 2015 and I was 4 years YOUNGER! This was a huge confidence boost for me. Was it the Mile High’s? I wouldn’t doubt it. I know those sunnies are magical.

Finish line face! This is when I knew I PR’ed my last time on this course 4 years ago!Finish line face! This is when I knew I PR’ed my last time on this course 4 years ago!

Finish line face! This is when I knew I PR’ed my last time on this course 4 years ago!

Run? Fun? Both!

I’ll be honest. The campaign for Knockaround was to find a pair of their sunglasses suitable for Run and another for Fun but you can’t. ALL of their frames, even the metal ones, are a good choice for running or outdoor strength training. Check out my slideshow below of all the fun places I took the Mile High’s with me. If you are curious to try a pair out for yourself then go to Knockaround.com and apply code BIBRAVEKNOCKS2 for 20% OFF your entire order. Limited to one use per user and the coupon is valid until tomorrow on 7/15.