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It’s been a buzz word for a while: Super Foods. What are they? Should I be eating these daily? How do I get these foods in my diet? These are questions that I honestly asked myself. It’s difficult for me to meal plan/prep/cook. I’m more of a pre-packaged food type of gal for me and my family. It’s just what works. I want food quick that is also nutritious. I don’t think that is too much to ask for! Food Groove Mission helped me fill this void with their Super Food Bites. Quick to eat food that is packed with tons of nutrition and most of the ingredients inside are organic. Let me explain more about what super foods are, how Food Groove Mission packs their bites full of them and the ease of getting these foods in your diet.


Super Food Powers

What the heck is a super food? I didn’t really know that either. I researched a bit and I discovered what sets apart regular food to super food. Super foods are more rich in nutrients, minerals and antioxidants, they are basically nutritionally dense and better for a persons health. So which food is a superfood food then? The FDA doesn’t regulate the term super food. Anyone or any company could classify a food or their product to be super. So it was difficult to find hard facts on what makes a super food, well super. But then I used some of my own common sense: find products with nutritionally dense ingredients that don’t have ADDED sugar in the ingredient list. Food Groove Mission does this. Each of their Super Food Bite flavors doesn’t have added sugars or corn syrup as a first ingredient. They do add raw New Zealand honey as a sweetener and that ingredient is at the very bottom of the ingredient list. 

The super foods that FGM includes in their products are: 

Organic dates: This is the main ingredient in all of FGM’s bites. It’s filled with vitamin B6, magnesium and potassium.

Manuka honey: This honey is from New Zealand and is rich in amino acids and has 4x the nutritional content of regular honey.

Organic rooibos powder: It’s a herb that is normally in teas and is said to have anti-inflammatory properties, could boost the immune system and is high in calcium.

Organic golden berries: Are high in antioxidant content. 

Organic goji berries: Help with energy levels and improve digestive health.

Organic Acai powder: Are high in antioxidant content.

Organic chia seeds: These tiny seeds are filled with omega-3, protein, fiber and calcium. 

Organic cacao nibs: These are one of the most magnesium filled foods available and filled with antioxidants. 

Organic pumpkin seeds: Rich in magnesium, zinc and omega-3.

Organic almonds: Have healthy monounsaturated fatty acids and a great source for protein, fiber and vitamin E.

Organic peanut butter: full of protein, healthy fats with a low glycemic index.

Organic dark chocolate: Soy and dairy free and made with unsweetened chocolate. It’s filled with magnesium electrolytes. 

Food Groove Mission acknowledged the power of these super foods and wanted to find a way to put them all together in one delicious (and portable) bite. They understood that some people don’t want to eat an entire ‘bar’ and would rather just have ‘bites’ to nibble on when  snacking on the go or snacking leisurely. 

They developed Super Food Bites and each of the three flavors is unique but all of them carry the same nutritionally dense super foods as their core ingredients: Mother Earth, Holy Truffle Punch, The Nutty Adventurer. FGM incorporated foods they found to be super into their bites to help with energy, improve brain function and memory, reduce the risk of chronic diseases and maintain a healthy lifestyle/weight/lifespan.

All of their bites are gluten free, non-gmo, dairy free, soy free and grain fee!

Ease of Getting These Super Foods

It’s easy to understand the benefits of super foods, but how to we get them into our diets quickly, fast, like right now-I-don’t-want-to-cook-or-prepare? Remember my problem about it being difficult for me to meal plan/prep/cook? I don’t think I’m the only one in the world with this problem. Portability is the number one thing I like about Super Food Bites. My commute to work is long, I have a desk job, my life picks back up right after my workouts. It’s safe to say that I am extremely busy and I simply do not have time to keep food cold or prepare food. 

The portability of Super Food Bites was a seller for me. I could easily slip them into the front pocket of my hydration vest to get my fuel immediately after running. The pouches could be stored in my car or my computer bag so I could snack during my 90 minute drive home. They have a shelf life of 9 months and the pouches are sealable. I love how I could eat 3 at at time if I want or the entire bag. It’s great that I could fuel my body with nutritious food while on the good. The sealable pouches are perfect and better than a bar wrapper. Many times I only have a bar but I can’t finish the entire thing. The wrapper doesn’t stay closed and now I have a half of a bar that’s all dried up. Glad that FGM solved the problem with a sealable pouch.

Overall, I’m very pleased with the taste, ease and nutrition of Super Food Bites by Food Groove Mission. They are partnering with BibRave and offering a discount if you’d like to try them. Apply code BIBRAVE15 for 15% off an entire order (one use per customer.) You can order here.