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No one likes to talk about it but it happens to all of us. Stinky workout/tech clothes retain their stink even after washing. I smelled it before at many start lines. As clean tech clothes start to warm up the bacteria stored in them starts to wake up and then that stink smell starts to emit. No one is running yet, but the smell is there. WTF? It happens with my workout clothes too! This weird bacteria science experiment of smells doesn’t happen with cotton clothes but happens every time with technical or synthetic fabrics (I’ll explain later.) When BibRave gave us Pro’s the chance to test WIN Detergent, I opted in immediately! 


How WIN Works

Your Running shorts stink.

Have you ever just put on clean workout clothes and after a few minutes of just wearing them you start to smell something funky? That smell is the bacteria waking up on your tech clothes and the gas they are releasing. YUCK! Those tech clothes you wear are made with synthetic fibers. They are great for wicking away water, keeping you dry and keeping you chafe-free. But tech clothes tend to trap oil that feed bacteria. Then those bacteria release gas and that’s that funk/sweat smell you catch a whiff of before you even start working out. Niceeeeeee? Not!


Cotton Doesn’t Have this Problem.

Did you know that cotton fabrics absorb water. This is why cotton is perfect for towels but not so perfect for workout wear. When you wear cotton and workout, the fabric will swell and that’s when chafing happens. Also, cotton naturally repels oils, so cotton usually doesn’t small as bad as synthetics. 

Your Regular Detergent Won’t Help


Whatever regular brand you use to wash your running clothes won’t help to get the stink out. I use a free and clear by Costco and although it’s great at getting stains and regular dirt out, it does not get that bacteria skunk out of my clothes. Regular detergent is optimized for cotton and not synthetic tech gear and not for getting the funk smell out. Ugh, this is totally grossing me out.

WIN Gets the Job Done


The main difference between WIN Detergent and regular detergent is that WIN has the ingredients in its formula that separate the oils from the synthetic fibers. WIN will break that bond between oil and the synthetic fibers! WIN’s formula contains special detergent molecules called Surfactants. Pretty much all detergents have surfactants, but the type in WIN specifically work to get the oils out of synthetic fabrics. Want to geek out? Surfactants are two-sided molecules and one side is hydrophobic so it repels water and grabs onto the oil. The other side is hydrophilic so it grabs onto water. When the water goes down the drain after your wash cycle, so do the oils and the bacteria and that funk smell that NO ONE likes to talk about. Yay!

Since WIN removes that stink oil from your favorite workout wear, the wicking properties of your clothes are restored. So your tech clothes actually work better and smell better and now you don’t have to worry about if that gal next to you has a grimace on her face because she caught a whiff of your clothes or because she forgot her sunglasses. LOL! 

WIN helped me

I tested out WIN because I will admit, my running clothes don’t smell pretty. To get the most out of WIN detergent, follow the directions and here are a few bonus tips. 

Hot Chocolate 15k Scottsdale post-race stinky clothes and my son’s swim gear are not match to WIN Detergent!Hot Chocolate 15k Scottsdale post-race stinky clothes and my son’s swim gear are not match to WIN Detergent!

Hot Chocolate 15k Scottsdale post-race stinky clothes and my son’s swim gear are not match to WIN Detergent!

  1. Use the hottest water possible. That will help WIN remove the oil from your clothes faster. Think of it as if you are washing an oily pan in the sink you would use hot water and not cold. It’s the hot water that will help the surfactants even better to get that oil off. 

  2. Use 2oz. I always put in a double shot of WIN during my wash. This just got the stink out better than using 1oz. Also, my wash loads tend to be on the extra large side.

  3. Double rinse. This is also important. Do a second rinse cycle. This ensures that all of the stinky oil goes away down the drain with the water.

  4. Tumble Dry on Low. High drying temps could damage fabrics. Most synthetics, especially good wicking fabrics, dry quickly on a low.

  5. Sensitive to fragrances? My entire family (including myself) is sensitive to extra fragrances in products. I was thrilled that I was able to test out the fragrance-free version of WIN Detergent. It works exactly the same as the regular WIN, but doesn’t have any added fragrance or dye!

Smell you later?

Sorry, I don’t mean to joke but if you own tech clothes then know that they smell if you use regular detergent. That’s just the stinky reality! BibRave and WIN is sweet enough to offer a discount code of 20% orders. Apply code RAVE4WIN to get 20% off any WIN purchase (individual bottle, 2-pack, or 4-pack.) This is good for orders on Amazon. Offer good through 1/15/2019. Limit one use per household.

Let me know what you think! Do your tech clothes smell better?

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