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My friend Mysti and I at the AllState photo booth.My friend Mysti and I at the AllState photo booth.

My friend Mysti and I at the AllState photo booth.

Doesn’t a fantastic expo get you pumped for race day? The Hot Chocolate 15k Scottsdale expo did just that for me. Yesterday, I picked up my packet (and packets for 3 friends!) on the first expo day. Here are a few of the coolest things that stood out to me:


Long Line But Flew Through

I really thought I was a smart one to arrive at noon, as soon as expo doors opened. Apparently, everyone else had the same idea! The line to pick up bibs was long! My tummy did a little flip at first. I realized there was only one line. It wasn’t organized by last name letter. Hmm. I panicked because I thought I’d be in this line forever. Not the case. A Hot Chocolate volunteer was at the very front of the line, directing the next person to the first available volunteer bib-passer-outer-person. In about 3 minutes, I was already next! I handed the volunteer my QR codes and she quickly turned around, found my bib and my friends 3 bibs. She told me that my friends were all legacy and that I needed to go to the legacy booth to pick up their special gifts! I got serious FOMO, I’m not legacy. Then she directed me to the other end of the expo to get my jacket & goodie bag.


The Sweet Perks of Legacy

Technically, this is my 3rd time running The Scottsdale Hot Chocolate 15k. But there’s that little ol’ 2 year gap. Oops! I was swooning over the special swag legacy runners received. Similar to the bib pick up, the legacy pickup went super smooth! The volunteers at this table were extra peppy and congratulating me on my legacy status. Then I reminded her that only my friends are legacy. Boo! Still, she reassured me and told me to sign up again for next year. Excelling selling tactic!

My friends were celebrating their 3rd years of running Hot Chocolate 15k races and their extra swag included: a copper-colored mug medal and pin with the 3 year legacy logo on it, a legacy novelty bib and a legacy beanie. Curious if legacy status also gets you into shorter-line portopoties on race day morning! Now that would be a perk! LOL


All About the Jacket

I don’t know about you, but I LOVE the Hot Chocolate swag jackets. That was a reason why I signed up for my first Hot Chocolate 15k back in 2014. And, check out my Instagram post, I still own and wear it. The jackets are that good. It’s just a different race perk that sets the Hot Chocolate races apart from other races. I have enough tech tees, so receiving a race jacket is a special treat. The 2018 jacket is extremely soft, lightweight and the in the most beautiful color. I’m glad the people at Hot Chocolate went with a muted color this year. So on trend. The men received a dark charcoal colored jacket in the same material.

The lines to pick up the jacket also went quickly. The volunteer asked me to try on my jacket and I was able to exchange it for a different size if needed at a booth on the end of the expo. My jacket fit well. Size M, thank you very much! I’ve been working hard at losing fat weight.

Ready to Race this 15k

So, who’s also racing tomorrow? I’m officially pumped to run my 3rd Hot Chocolate Scottsdale Race. I’ll be doing my flat runner later today and I’ll be dressed in BibRave Festive. Stay tuned!