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In 10 short days, I’ll be racing my 3rd Hot Chocolate Scottsdale race. As I look back at the last two times I ran the race, I feel proud. My times improved by 2 minutes per mile in just one year! It’s fun to reminisce about the past times I ran this race and think about what my body could do on December 2.

2014 is when I first started running.


I was clumsy, my breathing was still out of whack, yet I loved it. It brought me pure joy! The longest race at that time for me was the 10k. Since I was new to running, 6 whole miles was a big deal. My goal was to run a half marathon in January and I needed some races to help build my confidence. I already was in training, but the races would be there to make the runs more fun. Hot Chocolate was coming up in December and the idea of eating chocolate while running sounded too good to be true! For the most part, I run races alone. I rather run alone. It’s like my own personal ‘me-time.’ So I signed up for the race alone and hoped for the best. I ended up totally surprising myself because this was the first time I ran 9 miles at once. One of the coolest things about the Hot Chocolate races is that so many runners dressed up in costume. It was incredibly fun to people watch! This fueled the fire in me to sign up again the following year.


2015 is when I finally had control of my body.


That concept never made sense to me prior to being a runner. In control of my body? How? I can move it, but I can’t push it hard because my body can’t take it. I’ll overheat, can’t breathe, my legs will fall off. Then, after a year of running I realized that I can push my body hard and sustain it. It was incredible. I finally felt powerful and in control. My speed was getting faster and I wanted to see what my body could do at the Hot Chocolate 15k. This time I dressed in a costume! My idea was a hostess cupcake but I think I ended up looking like a gingerbread cookie. I totally surprised myself that year and ran over 2 minutes faster than the year before! If you hadn’t noticed, I am smaller in size from 2014. I lost about 20 lbs of fat weight from running more, tracking my food & calorie intake, making healthy food choices and doing strength training.

andrea-heser-hot-chocolate-scottsdale_0001_Layer 0.jpgandrea-heser-hot-chocolate-scottsdale_0001_Layer 0.jpg

2018 is when I …


That is the statement that has yet to be completed. In 2016 I had major work changes and my fitness went down, which meant my fat weight went up. Although, I kept getting PR’s and running happy, I wasn’t happy about the amount of fat I was carrying. 2018 is when I decided to gain back some control and track what I ate again. I’m proud to say I’m at or better in fitness than what I was in 2015, the last time I ran the Hot Chocolate 15k in Scottsdale. In 10 short days I’ll be able to prove to myself that I got it. I may be 3 years older now and just 1 year to 40, but I know I can beat my 2015 time.

Run with me on December 2nd! Code “BRHCScotts” gets you some extra swag, a free phone armband. Link to register: http://hotchocolate15k.com/scottsdale