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My first official turkey trot is just 3 days! I’m totally pumped for race day and why not celebrate with a flat lay. What the what is a flat lay you say? It’s basically any photograph you take from directly above while the objects are on a flat surface. Usually the objects are arranged neatly or in a creative way. If you follow my IG or Pinterest feed, you know I LOVE doing flat lays of my run gear aka flat runner!

Here’s a rundown on my favorite brands included in this flat lay:

  1. Oakland Turkey Trot: This race is pretty unique. All proceeds go back to the Oakland community. Part of my heart belongs to the Bay Area (I lived there for a number a years while growing up.) Both of those are reasons why I signed up to have this race as my very first Turkey Trot!

  2. Knockaround: These sunglasses are my go-to shades. They are reasonable, stay on your face and look good on.

  3. Buff: Lightweight, comfortable and keeps you warm. Buffs are the best!

  4. Altra Running: I was favoring an ‘other’ brand for a while and my right hip as been killing me. Decided to bust out my Altra Impulse Flash and I wish I did that sooner. My hip pain is going away and I’m running fast. Wow. Love Altra.

  5. Aftershokz Trekz Air: Hear the world around you and your music. I feel safe while wearing my Trekz Air during runs. Also, no cords to deal with and the Canyon Red color looks fab against my skin tone.

  6. Garmin feñix 5s Rose Gold: Oh, momma! Talk about beauty meets tech. This watch is my favorite watch of all time. It does NOT leave my wrist unless I need to charge it. My favorite features is all day HR monitoring and how accurate it tracks my pace during runs.

  7. BibBoards: I first noticed rust on my shirt last year. WTH? It was from the safety pins! BibBoards protects your favorite tech shirts from rust and holes and they are customizable!

  8. Sparkle Athletic: #TeamSparkle 4eva! Be bold, be bright. Running is FUN, so have fun doing it. I like to shine during races and I am absolutely wearing a Sparkle Athletic skirt while doing this virtual 5k Turkey Trot.

Join me in getting your #feastmode on and sign up for the Oakland Turkey Trot. Apply code BROTTVIP for 10% off registration.