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Wally has some serious proud bling face going on!Wally has some serious proud bling face going on!

Wally has some serious proud bling face going on!

It was totally fitting for Wally and I to complete the Scoobtober Virtual 10k on Halloween morning. I’m proud of my 9-years-young pup. Similar to how we ran the Scooby Doo DooGood 5k, we completed the 10k challenge in 12 bite-size walks.

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Routines Form Good Habits

Wally loved to take the same route everyday. I noticed he’d stop and smell all the same spots and leave pee-mail messages behind! He was on a mission that always took us to the neighborhood playground at the top of the hill. To keep things interesting, I’d mix it up and we would still make our final destination but get there by taking separate routes. The Scoobtober challenge is now over, but Wally gets all perky eared when he sees me put on my running shoes. 

See above all 12 of our runs that made the entire 6.2 miles of the Scoobtober 10k and you’ll see what our favorite routes are.


All the Bling


The team behind Scooby Doo really did a fantastic job with the quality of the medals, t-shirt, bandanas and backpack for the swag. The details and quality in their items are great. Colors are vibrant in the ribbons and in the enamel of the each virtual race medal as well as the challenge medal.

I never seen a medal specifically for a dog before. That is just the coolest thing.

The drawstring backpack was much larger than I anticipated. The material is durable and there are 2 zippered pockets. As a nice touch, the Scooby Doo logo is on the pull tabs. This will totally be my new Wally walking bag.

Final Thoughts

The Scooby Doo Virtual Run Series was by far the best virtual run I participated in. Scooby Doo is a strong brand with a huge following. I could totally see an in-real-life race event where people bring their dogs. What’s the biggest takeaway from the Scoobtober and the race in general? I was able to get closer to my dog. We love being outdoors together.