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Photo by Luvo FoodsPhoto by Luvo Foods

Photo by Luvo Foods

I’m not vegan or vegetarian and thought I should give the Luvo Vegan Essentials a try. The high amount of veggies in each bowl is what sold me to test out these flavors as a BibRavePro. I figured I could pair the bowls with the lemon pepper chicken I make weekly. What I learned is that every flavor in the Vegan Essentials was so satisfying that I didn’t need the meat after all. It surprised me that I could have a meat-less meal. All eight boxes from my Vegan Essentials are now gone and I’m thinking it’s about time I place an order. See below for my reviews of each flavor.

The Most Fresh Looking Frozen Meal I Ever Seen

So Cal Kale & Bean

This was the first Luvo meal I tried out of the Vegan Bundle. Microwaveable meals usually never look they way they look like the photo on the box. Luvo proved that wrong! The heated meal out of the microwave looked exactly like the photo on the box. The broccoli was the vibrant green. The kidney beans were a deep red and not dull one bit. The meal was hearty, smelled and tasted delicious. I did add baked-skinless chicken breast to the bowl. Still, I could see myself eating this bowl as a vegan meal. 

10g Protein / 360mg Sodium / 14g Sugar / 1½ cups Vegetables / 23g Whole Grains


Pineapple & Black Rice, Unexpected Yum

Hawaiian Un-Fried Rice

I would have never thought to pair pineapple with black rice, but they make a nice couple! The black rice is much hardier than sticky rice. Also, I felt full for about 3 hours after the meal and it must have been the rice. The pineapple was a nice touch and not too sweet that it overpowered the meal. The cashews were a nice touch and gave the bowl a good texture. This was a great comfort food meal for in-office lunch. Also, I typically would have added a meat to a vegan meal like this (I’m not vegan.) But this bowl didn’t need it. I felt satisfied!

10g Protein / 330mg / Sodium / 10g Sugar / 1 cup Vegetables / 42g Whole Grains

Hearty and Satisfying, No Need for Meat!

Great Karma Coconut Curry

Your curry bowl made me re-think curry. Honestly, was not a fan of curry in the past. Noticed it was part of your Vegan Bundle and took a risk. So glad I took that risk! So good. Also, was totally thrilled to see Butternut Squash as a featured veggie. I was thinking that I should bring some cooked chicken to go along with the bowl. Didn’t need the meat! I just finished this bowl at the office for my work lunch and I feel full and satisfied. The Great Karma Coconut Curry bowl is a perfect bring-to-work meal.

10g Protein / 390mg Sodium / 5g Sugar / 1 cup Vegetables / 16g Whole Grains


Perfect for Those Venturing Into the Spicy World

Chana Masala

Honestly, I’m nervous to try food with extra spice. As my Chana Masala bowl was microwaving at work, a co-worker commented how delicious it smelled. I was so eager to try! The flavors blended so well that the spice didn’t bother me. The Chana bowl is my favorite. I could have it 3x a week if you let me! The texture is great and the veggies look fantastic, so fresh looking. Also, I was full after just eating this bowl with no added meat.

11g Protein / 360mg Sodium / 2g Sugar / ½ cup Vegetables / 11g Whole Grains

If you are a person who feels meat should always be a part of each meal and would like a change, then consider the Vegan Essentials bundle by Luvo Foods. I have a strong feeling you and your tastebuds will be pleasantly surprised.