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Andrea Heser©Andrea Heser©

Andrea Heser©

We did it, again! Wally and I both ran the Scooby-Doo Doo Good Virtual 5k for the second time this month. The gains we had when we first took on the challenge were so fantastic, we decided to do it again. Here is the top 3 gains from our Round 2 of the Doo Good Virtual 5k.

Gain 1: Brought Us Together

My dog Wally and I are pretty close. I adopted him when he was about 3-months old. He’ll be 9-years-old on October 1st. Before kids, my attention went to Wally and our other family dog Rusty. Then things changed when baby arrived. Walks & playing became scarce to non-existent. It’s sad to admit this reality, I was barely petting my dog on a daily basis. Still, I was unmotivated to do anything. A month ago I discovered that I could opt-in to the Scooby-Doo Virtual Race Series. This was my chance, our chance, to get closer again. Wally could never participate in a regular 5k race. He doesn’t have the body for it: flat face, short legs, small airway. But a virtual? Oh, yes! Wally could finally run his race, his way, and get the bling to prove it. This meant we had to start slowly. He can only last about 15-20 minutes on a fast walk. Every morning we went out for a walk, just a half a mile to help us get used to the motions. Remember, Wally is almost 9-years-old which means he’s about 56 in human years. Even with training, I realized he couldn’t do a full 5k all in one shot. So, I broke it up in 6-doggy-bite-sized chunks for him. Breaking up our 5k meant more time together. It was wonderful. Sometimes I allowed him to lead on his favorite half-mile route and other times I guided him down new streets to explore. Glad how the training and race process brought us closer together. 

Gain 2: Snoring is Gone

Most brachycephalic dogs snore. It’s because of their short muzzles. Wally was a loud snorer. Once we started our training then completing the Doo Good Virtual 5k twice, his snores are pretty much gone. When he does snore, it’s quiet. I believe the Scooby-Doo Race Series is helping Wally get in shape. Excess weight can make breathing more difficult, worsening the snoring. I didn’t weigh him before and after our training and racing cycle during the month of September but he surely made gains in the health department. 

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Gain 3: Sweet Bling For Doggy

Medals motivate me to run races. Would they motivate Wally too? I never seen bling for dogs until I saw what was offered with the Scooby-Doo Virtual Race Series. Doo Good Virtual 5k and Scoobtober Virtual 5k/10k  add-ons gets your pup a bandana and collar medal for each race. Can’t wait for Wally’s Doo-Good bling to arrive so he could show them off to you. 

Grow Your Bond With Your Pup

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