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I have no shame by telling you that 50% of the food my family and I consume comes from the frozen section. It’s the ease and minimal prep that appeals to me most. When BibRave put out the opportunity for their pros to test Luvo Foods, you know I was champing at bit to get on board. There are four huge reasons why I’m thrilled to taste the Luvo Vegan Essentials Bundle, and here they are:

1) A Good Pair:

My family loves how I prepare chicken. It’s quite simple, I bake chicken breast dusted with lemon pepper seasoning. Problem is, I’m never sure what to have as a side dish. Usually it’s the same ol’ thing; can of green beans. I decided to try the Luvo Vegan Essentials Bundle because it has the variety of flavors that I hope would pair perfectly with my mild flavored chicken. 

2) Low on Sugar:

During the summer, I decided to cut back sugar from my diet. So far, doing so helped me loose 20 pounds and curb my sugar cravings dramatically! I’d like to help my family curb their sugar cravings too. I chose the Luvo Vegan Essentials Bundle because of the low sugar content per serving. Their Great Karma Coconut Curry and Chana Masala bowls only have 2-5g of sugar per serving.

3) Right Balance:

Finding food that is fast and nutritious is tricky. It makes my heart warm to know that Luvo has guiding principles when it comes to their products. They feel food should be nutritious while limiting sodium and added sugar. Also, they so no to artificial colors, flavors or sweeteners. Also, the meals I chose are gluten free and vegan. 

4) Fast Foodie:

My time is simply limited. Swim team lessons for my son 3x a week, my running 3x a week, school, packing lunches, making dinner, husband & wife time, oh and me working full-time; it all adds up. Frozen food has been my go-to. I love how each of the bowls in the Luvo Vegan Essential Bundle take only 4-4 1/2 minutes in the microwave. And since I cook up a bunch of my famous chicken ahead of time, I can get dinner on the table in less than 10 minutes, with a veggies that actually taste fantastic. 

Dinner is Served

My order just came in tonight! The Luvo Vegan Essential Bundle comes with 2x of the following flavor bowls: So Cal Kale & Bean, Hawaiian Un-Fried Rice, Great Karma Coconut Curry & Chana Masala. Which flavor should I try tonight with dinner?