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The big black box couldn’t have arrived at my doorstep any sooner. Triple digits are the new norm here in Arizona and it’s only June. I knew was was in the box but had no idea about the other surprise I’d find inside. My mouth was salivating as I was carefully opening the box. Gasp. Gatorade Endurance Formula in their new Watermelon flavor. I love watermelon. It’s my favorite flavor. Refreshing, sweet, throw-some-salt-on-a-slice and my taste buds go wild. Now I can drink it. OOH! What is this?! A Purist Specialized brand water bottle with the most adorable watermelon-Gatorade combo graphic on it. Oh, yes, more goodies. Six pouches of their new Mango flavor Energy Gel. I quickly snapped up an IG story and I was ready to test that night. Look below to see what I posted.

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Watermelon Endurance Formula is For Salty Sweaters

After every run either in the summer or winter, I’m a sweaty mess. No, I don’t sparkle. I sweat. It impressed me that the Gatorade Endurance formula has twice the sodium and more than three times the potassium than traditional Gatorade. This made my pores sing because, after long runs, I’m that person with salt all over their face. Gatorade Endurance will help me get that salt back into my system. Although, I’m hesitant to drink performance drinks on the run because I can’t seem to get them down easily. All the ones I have tried in the past are too thick and too sweet. Not sure how Gatorade did it, but they made their watermelon flavor have a light taste. Believe me, the melon flavor is all there, it’s just lighter to get down. 


Watermelon Pros

  1. Amazing flavor. It really tastes like a slice of watermelon with sea salt sprinkled on top. It’s a perfect flavor for summer sweat fests. 
  2. Electrolytes. With 300mg of sodium and 140mg of potassium in each serving that helps you stay fueled and hydrated during your activity.
  3. Easy to Drink. Gatorade wasn’t not kidding when they said light taste although they should have said light texture. I didn’t choke when I gulped down their Endurance Formula during my night speed intervals. The drink was thin and easy to get down.

Watermelon Opportunities

  1. Lower carbs? Would it be possible for Gatorade Endurance to offer a lower-carb option? I count my sugar intake and it made me nervous that I was consuming 13g of sugar in one serving. Still, I was running hard and Gatorade Endurance helped me.  I will stick with drinking Endurance during hard runs.

Mango Energy Gel is Perfect for Quick Energy

How did Gatorade do it? Their Energy Gel is so smooth! Let’s back up a bit. If you have been following me on Instagram for a while, you would remember how I’m into natural fuel sources. I’m just trying to keep all the icky ingredients out of my body. Gatorade Energy Gels are naturally flavored. The Mango flavor was a happy treat for my taste buds. It was refreshing and tasted like a real mango. I even bought a mango to do a taste comparison and Gatorade was spot on. 


Mango Pros

  1. Perfect flavor. It’s like I was eating a mango. The smell was perfect too. Closed my eyes and I was transported to the tropics. 
  2. Smooth. I never ever ate a gel quite like Gatorade Energy Gel. The gel was extremely easy to get down. No choking, to sticky mouth, no reaching for water. See the above photo for texture. I feel it’s in-between the consistency of simple syrup and maple syrup.
  3. Easy to Open. This is a biggie. Runners don’t have time to dilly-dally with their fuel. It must be quick. The notches and small opening is perfect for getting your fuel down fast.

Mango Opportunities

  1. Lower carbs? Again, would it be possible for Gatorade Energy Gel to offer a lower-carb option? I count my sugar intake and it made me nervous that I was consuming 20g of sugar in one serving. Still, Gatorade Energy Gel helped me on my run.

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Ready for Summer With Gatorade Endurance

Simply impressed with Gatorade. Finally gels and a performance drink I can actually consume on the run without choking! If you would like to try these new flavors, please go to Gatorade Endurance.

• Endurance Thirst Quencher Powder in Watermelon is $28.99 for a 32oz canister.
• Endurance Energy Gel in Mango is $21.99 for a 21 pack of 1.3oz pouches.