Walk on Clouds With OOfos

Disclaimer: I received a pair of OOfos OOlala Sandals to review as part of being a BibRave Pro. Learn more about becoming a BibRave Pro (ambassador), and check out BibRave.com to review find and write race reviews.

Head-to-toe in Orange! Photo by Andrea HeserHead-to-toe in Orange! Photo by Andrea Heser

Head-to-toe in Orange! Photo by Andrea Heser

On a Facebook post three years ago, I read about how a fellow mom runner was raving about these sandals she purchased. I never heard of them and they had a cute name: OOfos. She said these are perfect for people with high arches and who needed recovery shoes in-between running. On a whim, I ordered a pair online and now I am an OOf-er for life. Just last month I was chosen by BibRave to test the OOlala sandal in Orange. This is my 3rd pair of OOfos sandals, but my first OOlala. I currently own two pairs of the OOriginal Sport Sandal in Navy and Cranberry. I’ll explain my top three reasons why OOfos never leave my feet, except to sleep and run!


1. OOfos Make Me Say OO


Have you ever laid on a pillow and you instantly said Oooh-Ahhhh? Yeah, that’s how I felt when I slide on a new pair of OOfos on my feet. I beat up my feet with running and by wearing heels and wedges to work. OOfos gives my feet the support they need, actually, they give my entire body support. According to OOfos, they are scientifically proven to help people recover faster and feel better. It’s all credited to the OOfoam. The foam is a recovery technology that absorbs 37% more impact than other footwear foams. OOfoam impact absorbing recovery technology has been proven to reduce stress on all the body while walking, allowing the body to recover faster after a workout and feel better all day. It’s true. I try to wear my OOfos during all walking activities from cleaning my home, taking my son to swim, walking my dog, watering my plans to going grocery shopping.

I have high arches and they need support. OOfos are the only shoes that cradle my arches correctly. They massage my feet and create more blood flow. I wear them before I run too. Pre-workout, wearing OOfos help warm up my feet with reflexology. 

2. So BeaOOtiful 

My previous pairs of OOfos were the OOriginal Sport Sandal. They are simply styled, match with everything and are 100% matte foam. I didn’t realize that the OOlala has some pretty styling until my Orange test pair arrived. They have glossy uppers (that my son absolutely loves) and are more slimmer and streamlined than the OOriginal, yet they still have the same tech as the OOriginal. Some of the colors and styles I’d love to add to my cOOllection would be these below: 


3. Project Pink & OOfos

Photo by Andrea HeserPhoto by Andrea Heser

Photo by Andrea Heser

I believe that people make the brand, either the people behind the brand or the people purchasing the brand. It impressed me how the OOfos brand stood behind one of their employees so diligently that they set up a fundraising campaign to help others like her, those with breast cancer. Their director of marketing, Duncan Finigan, was diagnosed with Stage IV metastatic breast cancer in 2014. OOfos stood behind her and started Project Pink. 3% of every pair of shoes sold from OOfos.com will be donated to Project Pink. According to OOfos, this contribution goes directly towards to the critical work the Dana Farber Cancer Institute is doing in their research department to increase the survival rate of women with breast cancer around the globe. If you purchase a pair from the OOfos Project Pink Collection through OOfos.com, then $10 from that sale goes to Project Pink! 

Other cOOl Features

Other cool features are they are completely waterproof, washable, stink-proof and they hold their cushion. I’m still holding onto my old pairs of OOrginals, but I’m not wearing them regularly. I just can’t bear to let them go! OOfos recommends replacing OOfos approximately as often as you replace your running shoes. They recommend replacing approximately every 4-6 months with regular wear. 


I wear my OOfos OOlala's before strength workouts to help warm-up my feet. Photo by Andrea Heser.I wear my OOfos OOlala's before strength workouts to help warm-up my feet. Photo by Andrea Heser.

I wear my OOfos OOlala’s before strength workouts to help warm-up my feet. Photo by Andrea Heser.

As I wrote this review, my OOfos OOlala’s were on my feet. They simply are the most comfortable shoes for me that are also proven to help me with running recovery. I do plan to update my OOfos collection soon and hope to get their OOmg Low shoe during the fall when the weather cools down a bit. If you would like to feel the OO and support Project Pink, please visit them online at OOfos.com.

I quickly slide on my OOfos OOlala's then take my doggie out for morning walks. Photo by Andrea HeserI quickly slide on my OOfos OOlala's then take my doggie out for morning walks. Photo by Andrea Heser

I quickly slide on my OOfos OOlala’s then take my doggie out for morning walks. Photo by Andrea Heser

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