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Be Brilliant Andrea HeserBe Brilliant Andrea Heser

A few weeks ago my manager and I had a chat. She wants me to be more visible within the company we work for. Over the past year and a half, I have been with helping teams across our offices. I’m pushing it a bit further now, so I could truly be visible to all. If you are seen, you are noticed. Right? 

Be Seen, Be Safe

Being visible is not only important at work, it’s also important in everyday life. Especially for active people, it can save your life to be seen better when outdoors during low-light conditions. Summer is here where I live in Phoenix. Temps are already at triple digits. Lunch runs are a thing of the past. I don’t own a treadmill or am a member to a gym so the streets are the only places I can get my miles in. Thing is, I have to run when the sun is either set or before it comes up. It’s a no-brainer that I prefer the early mornings. It’s typically the coolest part of the day. But it’s scary out there. No, I don’t mean the coyotes or rattlers. I mean the morning commuters. It is essential that I stand out and am visible to everyone driving. Thank goodness Brilliant Reflective helps me with this. 

Super easy to customize and apply. Photo by Andrea HeserSuper easy to customize and apply. Photo by Andrea Heser

Super easy to customize and apply. Photo by Andrea Heser

Easy to Apply a Custom Look

I wish more clothing manufactures applied reflection on their activewear. Not all is lost if they don’t because that’s where Brilliant Reflective comes into play. I can apply the strips — stick-on or iron-on — wherever I want. And I could put as many as I want on my clothing. According to the Brilliant Reflective website, when you outline the human form with Brilliant Reflective, the light reflecting back to a driver will be in the shape of a human. Studies show that drivers react more quickly when they know they’re approaching a human rather than an unknown object. 

Application is simple. I tried both the stick-on and iron-on. Both products have similarities in that they are super flexible. 


I would have assumed the stick-on would be rigid, that isn’t the case. It bends, moves and has a cloth-like feel to it. It’s a bit thicker than the iron-on. Also, it’s sticky! There is a reason for all the cutaways in the backing. Use that to help you so you don’t accidentally stick your fingers to the back. Here’s a tip: I tried to peel apart the middle backing, lay that down first, then remove the top and the bottom so my finger oils wouldn’t touch the sticky back. One package of stick-on Purple was used for my dogs harness with two large strips left over. 

I thought the stick-on would be perfect for my doggies harness. Totally pleased with the results. It’s also easy to trim in smaller sizes, although just know that if too small, the backing is hard to remove. Check out my Reviews Highlight on Instagram to see my dog in action.

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Pull out your irons cause it’s time to light up your clothes! I’m pleased with the customizable look you can achieve with Brilliant Reflective iron-on. I was lucky to be able to test a new color, Orange. That color works perfectly with all of my BibRave gear! I applied some on my visor and singlet. Here’s a tip: with the iron-on, you can get away with small custom pieces. Just note that the smaller the pieces are, the more likely you are to burn your fingers when applying, so be extra careful! One package of iron-on Orange was used for both my visor and singlet.

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You Too Can Shine!

What do you think about the products I applied Brilliant Reflective to? If you are curious, BibRave and Brilliant Reflective partnered up with a BOGO deal. Apply code: BIBRAVE18 at checkout.