Photo by Andrea HeserPhoto by Andrea Heser

Photo by Andrea Heser

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Staying injury-free is important to me. Another way to put it is preventative maintenance! Running is repetitive and over the course of 4 years of running, my left knee has been feeling, well, kind of floaty.  It doesn’t hurt but doesn’t feel super either. 

I was thrilled when I found I was chosen to test and review KT Tape. I have already been a user for 3 years. My husband surprised me with the tape a few Christmases ago. Now I was able to try most of their popular lines:  PRO, Wide, Extreme, Gentle and Cotton.

Technical info

Here are technical and important info on the five products I tested in easy to understand chart format:

Chart design by Andrea HeserChart design by Andrea Heser

Chart design by Andrea Heser


Getting old or…

I am not accepting the fact I’m getting older. LOL. My left knee doesn’t hurt but feels floaty. All strengths of KT Tape has helped me by supporting my knee during running and other daily activity, but my favorite to wear is the PRO because of the adhesion strength. I recommend starting with clean skin and hands. Even using hand sanitizer on the skin after washing helped me get the best adhesion and remove excess oils on your fingers if you accidentally touched the adhesive. The paper work instructions in the box were helpful, but I recommend going to their website and watching their how-videos. That helped me the most. 

IG_KT copy_Heser.jpgIG_KT copy_Heser.jpg

Helping me on the run

The first time I used KT Tape during a race was September 9,  2017. It was 1:30 am and time to check into Jangover Jeadquarters. We were done with the first loop and had 15 miles left to go. I was nervous as heck to take off my Brooks Cascadia to check my feet. Were they going to be totally battered and blistered from 5 hours of running and hiking over 700 feet of desert elevation? Nope. Not a single blister. Before I laced up at the start line, I taped up my feet with small cut strips of KT Tape Pro. I wasn’t aware of other blister prevention products or aware that KT Tape sells blister prevention strips, so this would have to do. And it worked. I give a big thank you to KT Tape for saving my feet during my first ultra marathon. Also, that night I taped my right foot using the Ankle Stability wrap. For some reason my right ankle felt shaky for months. I must have injured it. KT Tape helped me feel confident to handle the 1,500 feet of elevation gain and decent without fear. 


Light as air

One of the things I love most about KT Tape is that I don’t notice it’s there. The fabric is breathable and stretchy but supportive as heck! Racing is hard enough as it is and having to fight a product while trying to PR isn’t efficient. I love how KT Tape helped support my left knee during my most recent half marathon race where I PR’ed at! 

all in the family

My family was curious about my KT Tape. Even though my husband bought me my first roll in 2014, he never tried it. A month ago he tripped and fell on his right elbow. I nudged him and offered to tape him up. I used the General Elbow method and he kept on his tape for 3 days and that helped his healing process. 


Just last week my son complained about achilles pain. I quickly went to the website and applied the Achilles Tendonitis wrap. He wore his for 3 days and told me the pain was gone.  The cute thing is, he told me he felt like a robot! The KT Tape website didn’t say their tape wasn’t for children. I would use your own discretion and monitor your child closely if you apply tape on them. Also consider that tape is made for adult sized limbs, so the tape on my son was a little long. Still, this worked great for him in relieving his achilles pain.

My Aching Back

A few weeks ago I went on a turnaround work trip. It was brutal. Hours and hours of either sitting in my car, an uber or a plane. Then 3 solid hours of standing during the photoshoot. My lower back ached when I got home. Thankfully I had KT Tape Pro Wide in my arsenal. My husband helped me apply it after reading the paper instructions and my aches went away. I kept the strip on for 3 days. It held up during my usual runs and showers and I hardly noticed it was there. 

Part of my running regimen

I’m pleased with KT Tape and now I consider it a permanent part of my running regimen. It’s great that I can relieve pain and support my running muscles without taking medication. That means a lot to me. 


If you are interested in trying KT Tape, visit them online at and use the promo code BIBRAVE30 for a 30% discount.


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