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Flashy, smiley, happy, mouth-open, grinning from ear-to-ear, arms up, bright, sparkly, patterns.

These are adjectives that describe me on race day runs. Running didn’t come easy for me. I worked hard to get faster and go longer distances over the past four years and I’m proud of what I achieved. Expressing myself on race day is important because it reminds me to think positive during the tough times. This is why I was tickled pink to test out BibBoards as a BibRave Pro. Not only does BibBoards save your favorite race shirts from holes and rust, they actually look adorable and are another way to express your personality on the run.

You better believe it that I went with the Heart Eyes BibBoards. Look how cute they are! They would go perfect with my race day outfits. I officially tested them out during the Runner’s Den Pancake Run last weekend. 

Straight bib after one hour of racing.Straight bib after one hour of racing.

Straight bib after one hour of racing.

Quality: Overall the quality of Bibboards is great. The plastic is tough and rigid and the printing of the graphic looks crisp and bright. They felt good in my hands. Not too light but a bit heavier than a safety pin. They reminded me of a rivet or a snap fastener.   

Application: Putting them on was much easier than I expected. I noticed that the back fastener part of the BibBoard has a flat side. 1️⃣ Grab the opposite side of the flat side, lift up and the backing will quickly pop off. Repeat for all 4 fasteners. 2️⃣ While your race shirt is on, position your bib to the exact spot you want it on your shirt. With one hand, push the front piece stud through the one of the top race bib holes. Snap the back piece onto the stud from the inside of your shirt fastening the shirt and bib between the two pieces. 3️⃣ Finish up by fastening the other three corners of your bib. 

In Action: For the first time I raced with a flat bib. Not only do safety pins ruin shirts with rust and holes but I never was able to position my bibs correctly. They would be on my shirt crooked, flap, bunch, get crinkled and sometimes tear away. Also the sound of a floppy bib while racing is enough to make me pull my hair out. BibBoards solved those problems during my 10k.

My perfect set, 3 custom orders.My perfect set, 3 custom orders.

My perfect set, 3 custom orders.

No race? That's ok, wear them as buttons!No race? That's ok, wear them as buttons!

No race? That’s ok, wear them as buttons!

Expression: Remember how much I love to express myself on the run? BibBoards is another fun way to do that. I choose the Heart Eyes graphic because I love running and hearts look so darn cute. But did you know that BibBoards takes custom orders? This would be perfect for track clubs, run teams, Ragnar runners or anyone who wants to show off a little bit of who they are while they are running. Check out my dream set of BibBoards. Remember that this set would be one order of Heart Eyes and three custom orders because you have to order custom BibBoards in a pack of four. I thought this set would be perfect for my 50k run squad friends. No race? No problem. I discovered that BibBoards could be placed anywhere if the fabric is thin enough. I think of them as buttons on non-race days and apply them to my shirt in a creative display.

Do you like to express yourself on your runs and also like the idea of not ruining race shirts? Oh good! BibBoards is offering 20% off orders with code #BibChat. Please let me know what you think and send me a photo of you on race day or of your custom order.