Um, Chafing… Ick. I Don’t Want To Talk About It.

Disclaimer: I received pjuractive 2skin to review as part of being a BibRave Pro. Learn more about becoming a  BibRave Pro  (ambassador), and check out  to review find and write race reviews!Disclaimer: I received pjuractive 2skin to review as part of being a BibRave Pro. Learn more about becoming a  BibRave Pro  (ambassador), and check out  to review find and write race reviews!

Disclaimer: I received pjuractive 2skin to review as part of being a BibRave Pro. Learn more about becoming a BibRave Pro (ambassador), and check out to review find and write race reviews!

As a runner I noticed topics that used to be embarrassing to talk about —snot rockets, potty habits before a run and spitting — were not so uncommon to discuss in the running community. Except for… um, chafing. Yuck, that word even feels icky to type. But the rubbing of skin and blistering (aka, chafing, ick) is a reality to many runners! It was only when I got closer to my squad of Sunday Runner gals that I felt safe enough to talk about it.

A New Product To Try

I thought I found the perfect product a few months ago. It’s a lanolin based cream that is mostly used for nursing mothers. I had some left over from when my son was a baby and tested it out for the 50k I did in September 2017. It worked well and I didn’t chafe, but my clothes were stained and pretty much ruined and it left my body greasy.

This is why I was thrilled to test a new product just in time for the Arizona Rock ’n’ Roll half. Just a week ago I got the opportunity to test 2skin by pjuractive as being a BibRave Pro, They are actually a 20+ year old company, I had no idea. 2skin is quite an innovative product because it’s gel based and that means it doesn’t have the gunk in it (wax or oil) that will ruin your clothes but is strong enough to aid against chafing. 

Here are some of the technical details: 

  • It’s gel/silicone based
  • It’s sweat and water resistant and forms an invisible film. That’s what protects the skin.
  • It doesn’t block pores
  • It’s dermatologist approved

Putting It To The Test

2skin came in the mail the same day I was headed out to the Rock ’n’ Roll Arizona expo and I was excited to meet the pjuractive team, introduce myself and ask questions. Jon Hughes was helpful and even knew me by my Instagram handle and that impressed me a ton. He asked me what distances I ran and what other products I used for skin issues during running. I told him about the lanolin staining issue and Jon reassured me that staining is not an issue with 2skin. Also he gave me a helpful tip: a little goes a long way and an example of that is a dime size amount is enough to cover an entire foot, toes and in between toes. I’m thankful Jon let me know and I applied that advice to Sunday’s RnR half. 

The high for Sunday was going to be 78 and that means I was going to sweat a bunch on the course. That morning, on clean skin, I applied 2skin pjuractive around the area at the bottom band of my sports bra, under the waist band of my running tights and my inner thighs. It took about 2 dime sized amount for each of these areas and 10 seconds for it to dry. I ran hard at the RnR half and wasn’t able to shower for a while afterwards cause of the 45 minute walk back to the car and 32 mile drive back home. When I got home I didn’t chafe or blister on areas that I applied 2skin! I’m pleased to report that there were no ‘Psycho’ screams coming from the shower. I did get a blister on one of my baby toes but that’s my fault. I didn’t apply pjuractive 2skin there. I should have taken Jon’s advice and took care of my feet. I usually never blister there so boo to that! And my clothes didn’t stain. This is also important to me because tech clothes are expensive. 

The Bottomline

Overall, I recommend pjuractive 2skin. It’s actually sitting in my running wardrobe now as one of the products I will use on every run, sitting right next to deodorant and sunblock! 

Here is my pros and cons list for pjuractive 2skin:


  • No chafing whatsoever even after 2 and a half hours of running in 70 degree Arizona temps.
  • Easy to apply and no weird residue after
  • No scent while in use. Some anti-blister creams and waxes that have nut butters in them usually give off a funky smell once mixed with sweat, it’s gross.
  • Removed quickly in the shower with soap and water. I didn’t have to scrub it off like the lanolin.


  • Since the product is so smooth and silky, it kinda comes out of the packaging fast! So be careful and work with small amounts so it doesn’t get all over.
  • It’s clear so it was unclear for me if I put too much on or not enough. With practice, I’m getting better at application. And I’m using the ‘dime-size’ rule for one foot from Jon as guidance. 
  • Packaging is not female friendly-looking. I know this isn’t a biggie. But when I Iook at the packaging I think this is just for dudes. So if I were in the store, I might have passed this up thinking it’s just for men. Not asking for florals, but maybe something with a more simple design, I’m not sure! The design is modern though. 


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