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With less than two weeks out till my next half marathon, to say I’m pumped is an understatement. Here are my top 3 reasons why I can’t wait to toe the startline at the Phoenix Rock ‘n’ Roll Half Marathon:

Running with my Bestie: I’m running this race again with my bestie Katey. We ran it last year, the first time for us both. I paced her last year and I helped her reach her goal of her fasted half marathon to that date. I was proud of her and proud of myself for helping someone on the race course. It was that moment that I realized I wanted to be a pacer for races.

Running with BibRave: Can I still say that I’m in shock that I was chosen as a BibRave ambassador? Welp, I am. I looked to BibRave for race reviews and trusted them for honest reviews. Not in a million years I would have believed it if you told me I’d be a BibRave Pro in 2018. I’m proud to represent team orange on the race course come January 14th!

Grasping a PR: The secret is out. Katey and I are going to push for a PR of 2:18. The fastest I ran a half was last year in February with a time of 2:22. We’ve both been training hard (proof) and I feel it in my heart that we can reach this goal. 

Are you running with me? What is your time goal?