There is no way I would be where I am as a runner if I didn’t follow a training plan. And I honestly I use the term runner lightly. I’m not being hard on myself, I just know I’m slow, clumsy and totally an amateur even though I’ve been consistently running since the beginning of 2014. But it’s the training plans that keep me motivated and keep me reaching my running goals about 95% of the time. That 5% is me trying to sub-30 at the 5k distance for a second time and that is a tough one for me to beat! The two training plans I follow that worked the best for me are by and Runner’s World. is my go-to place for running training is my go-to place for running training plans.

If you want a simple, automated and a structured plan then turn to MyAsics. It doesn’t matter if you want to run a 5k or full marathon, MyAsics will help develop a plan custom for you and all you do is plug in some info: age, gender, last race speed, etc. And you can sync it to your calendar! The automatic syncing is what sold it for me because it’s motivating to see my runs scheduled in my Google calendar. They have a strong methodology behind their plans. The most important for me is they help me set measurable goals and track my progress and save my history to help me plan for my next training plan. Sometimes I’ll get an email either telling me to adjust my plan if I’m running too fast (Yay!) or running too slow (ouch.) So far I’ve reached two half marathon PR’s and one 5k PR through MyAsics.


Runner’s World Conquer a Hilly Half

Do you have a hilly half to conquer? Follow this plan.Do you have a hilly half to conquer? Follow this plan.

I’m so in love with MyAsics plans that I was hesitant to branch out to other plans. This past October I had a hilly half marathon coming up that I was pacing and I knew I needed to find a good hill training plan or I would be toast on the course. I’m thankful that at the right moment, Runner’s World magazine published a hilly half training plan in their August issue and I jumped on it. It was a tough plan and I followed it about 85% because it kicked my butt. But, it worked. I had zero issues running up the hills and pacing my 2:45 group, I even chatted with fellow runners, motivating them up, while pushing myself up those hellish hills of Fountain Hills. I’m thinking of trying this plan again for regular half marathon training to build my speed. Since this plan was in print, I had to manually plug in the training days in my Google calendar.


Do you have any training plans that work well for you? Have you tried either the or Runner’s World Hilly Half training plans? Please comment and tell me about your experiences.