2017, you were good to me and I was good to you. I put in a ton of hard work and I’m proud of what I accomplished this past year professionally and athletically.

  • Career-wise, I’ve been working on CNET magazine this entire year at Manifest and many of my typographical treatments have made the cover! This is huge for me because CNET is a fun project to work on and a national newsstand magazine. Pleased with the many layouts I designed and new illustrators I hired over the course of the year. 

    The first cover typography and full issue I worked on was chosen as honorable mention winner in the Folio Eddie & Ozzie’s. They were in the Consumer Cover Design under 250k circulation and Consumer Overall Design under 250k circulation. 

  • Athletic-wise, this year marks the most miles I ever ran in a year (hello, 50k!) and my elevation is much higher than I ever imagined. I’m also humbled to be an ambassador for BibRave. I ran a ton with friends which I didn’t do in past years. Also found my calling of being a race pacer with BeastPacing

Can’t wait to see what 2018 will bring!